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The RAMQ Program

The RAMQ Program

RAMQ assistance program for compression garments for lymphedema treatment

The assistance program for the purchase of compression garments for lymphedema offers reimbursement to lymphedema sufferers. 

Administered by the RAMQ, this is one of the most generous programs in Canada. It stands out for its universal coverage, ease of use and automatic annual indexation of reimbursement amounts. What’s more, it is based on a single prescription valid for life. The amount reimbursed varies according to age, situation, affected limb and type of garment or accessory purchased.

The RAMQ Reimbursement Program covers several garments per year. This program can also be combined with your private insurance.

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Health professionals, order your RAMQ Program fact sheet

Find all the criteria for the RAMQ Compression Garment Program, as well as information on how to ensure optimal use, in a single, practical sheet. Photos show the different types of garments available to patients.

The RAMQ Program info-card is essential for prescribers and fitters. And an indispensable resource for patients.

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