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About LAQ

Easing the burden of people living with lymphedema

Lymphedema is a chronic, incurable swelling that can affect children, adults, and seniors in the arms, legs, torso, head, mouth, and even genitals. With the right tools, lymphedema can be controlled. 

Be part of the solution: show your support for the LAQ. The LAQ is Québec’s only support and education organization for people living with lymphedema. More broadly, we raise awareness among healthcare professionals and the general public. We encourage scientific research to find more effective and sustainable solutions.

The people we help

The LAQ can help you

General public

I want to help a loved one with lymphedema.

People at risk

I would like to learn more about prevention.

I have chronic swelling

I want to improve my self-management.

Health professionals

I want to guide my patients.

To read

Lymphedema news

Lymphedema is a global health problem affecting more than 250 million people worldwide, women, men and children of all nationalities and populations....
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Living with lymphedema

A community that helps you cope better

As a member of the LAQ, you benefit from the support of people who are determined to keep lymphedema under control and live life to the fullest. You’re not alone! The community is there to support you and provide you with all the information you need.

  • Free subscription to L’info AQL and Pathways magazine
  • Self-measurement guides
  • Support meetings, training, and conferences
  • LAQ card to present at the Emergency Room

The LAQ does a lot for you


Provides help and resources to people diagnosed with lymphedema when they feel overwhelmed by their condition.


Informs and empowers healthcare professionals about lymphedema and how to treat it.

Raise awareness

Demonstrates to the public that the lymphedema cause is important and that the people affected need help.


Enables lymphedema sufferers to become part of a community with which they can identify.

Listening to the experts

Anna Towers
"More than a million Canadians, including some 238,000 Quebecers, suffer from lymphedema and/or chronic edema, a progressive and chronic inflammatory disease that can affect any part of the body, most often the limbs. Most of these people go undiagnosed and/or untreated."
Dr. Anna Towers
Lymphedema Clinic, McGill University Health Centre

Our sponsors

Thank you for supporting us

Your generosity enables the LAQ to support those affected by the disease.

Our main partner

The LAQ is grateful to the RAMQ for administering the Compression Garment Program.

Answers to your questions

The LAQ is your source for information on lymphedema whether of primary or secondary origin. Have a question? Would you like to verify some information? Feel free to turn to the LAQ and its team of professionals for clear, well-founded answers.

Contribute to the cause of lymphedema

Lymphedema is still a little-known disease, and the number of sufferers is growing.

Help the LAQ, an association that transforms people’s lives!

Stay tuned

The AQL Express is the Lymphedema Association of Québec’s general newsletter for everyone. For information on self-management, decongestive therapy, and advances in research, you'll want to become a LAQ member to access L'info AQL.

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