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Living well

Living well

Living with lymphedema

It's quite realistic to think of living well with lymphedema.

Generally speaking, during the first 2 years of the disease, the body works hard to adapt. After that, with a healthy lifestyle and ongoing self-management, it can become easier to live with lymphedema.

Here are some of the questions that people waiting for a lymphedema diagnosis or who have been living with the disease for some time ask themselves.

You must consult a physician to obtain a confirmed diagnosis of lymphedema. This diagnosis is essential to ensure the appropriateness of treatments, of course, but also to enable you to benefit from the RAMQ assistance program for compression garments. The physician consulted may be your family doctor, a specialist in dermatology, venous health, obesity, endocrinology, oncology, physiatry, geriatrics, or other.

Chroniques et conseils

Let’s look at some examples of adapting to life with lymphedema....
Pour tous les lymphœdèmes: évitez l’exposition prolongée à la chaleur élevée comme celle des saunas, bains-tourbillon et salles d’entraînement surchauffées. Dans la mesure du possible, évitez...
Une bonne façon de surveiller votre ou vos membres à risque consiste à prendre vos mesures une fois par mois ou avant de débuter tout...