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Chic Lynda

“After surviving breast cancer, I now face a major challenge. Lymphedema in my left arm caused by cancer treatment is preventing me from fully resuming my duties as a correctional officer. Having been reassigned, I still face many uncertainties.

“My name is Lynda and I’m a member of the LAQ because I want things to change and for the treatments we need to fit into our compression garments to be recognized and covered by the RAMQ.”

Barbara at rest

Barbara does what many lymphedema sufferers have to do on a daily basis: rest without load on the affected limb and practice elevation. Barbara suffers from lymphedema in both legs following treatment for cervical cancer, a cancer she first battled in 1985. Twenty-one years later, she faced breast cancer which left her with lymphedema again, this time on her right arm. She has lived with lymphedema for over 25 years. Even though she’s had several episodes of cellulite with hospitalization, she’s still in good spirits!

“My name is Barbara and I’m a member of the AQL because it’s the only association that defends the interests of people affected by this very disabling disease. I wouldn’t be such an expert in my self-management without them.”

Victorious Marie-T

“Crossing the finish line of a 5 km walk… that’s quite a victory for me. I suffer from lymphedema in both legs following phlebitis. Over the past 17 years, I’ve had to overcome challenges that most people don’t face, such as finding clothes that fit both my huge legs and my normal torso, getting down on my knees to clean the bathtub, keeping my balance while walking, and climbing stairs one leg at a time without being able to bend my knee. Because it’s hard for me to keep moving, I’ve developed obesity and high blood pressure. I experience depressive episodes and feel socially cut off from others and family activities. At work, I’ve kept my job with limitations, which has prevented me from being promoted.

“My name is Marie-Thérèse and I’m a member and volunteer of the LAQ because it’s important to give a voice to people so affected by lymphedema that they become invisible to the healthcare system.”

Solveig, Guillaume and Ewan

“I have a very special family story. I’m a father who has suffered from primary lymphedema in his leg since he was a teenager. For several years, my condition didn’t stop me from being active and even running marathons. I was lucky enough to have access to genetic testing. These are available in Belgium, but not easily accessible in Canada. The tests revealed that two of my three children and I are carriers of one of the defective genes explaining the malformation of the lymphatic system responsible for primary lymphedema. Like me, my son Ewan is affected in the leg. My daughter Solveig carries the gene, but currently shows no signs of lymphedema.

“My name is Guillaume and I believe in the LAQ because I need a dedicated organization to support lymphedema research. It’s a matter of hope for my children.”

Rachel, encouraged by Dino

“I’ve been supporting my sweet Rachel for a very long time. In addition to encouraging her on a daily basis to self-manage her lymphedema in her leg, I support Rachel no matter what she wants. That’s why I’ve supported Rachel as founder and president of the LAQ for nearly 20 years. She has worked tirelessly for the benefit of all Quebecers living with lymphedema. I’m very proud of her and love her even more for it!”

“My name is Dino and I’m a caregiver member of the LAQ because with this disease, you have to be in a group to make it through.”

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